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The Dots is a series of intimate and honest conversations hosted by digital strategist, speaker and entrepreneur Kathleen Buczko. Kathleen interviews artists, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers who talk about how they connect the dots and bring things together for their communities, companies and themselves for a better life.

Feb 21, 2019

Jennifer Marcenelle is a Board Certified Holistic Nurse with over 30 years of experience in the medical industry. She is also a certified Gemstone and Diamond Therapy Associate Practitioner.

At the age of 44, she had a health crisis and near suicide from burnout. She’s the founder and CEO Of Burn Bright Today and has...

Feb 14, 2019

Marla Martenson is a former model and actress turned matchmaker. She’s introduced many couples who have subsequently gotten married and continues to inspire and help those looking for their life’s companion. Her recommendation: love yourself first.

Marla is the author of three memoirs, Diary of a Beverly Hills...

Feb 8, 2019

After spending more than 30 years in the corporate world, developing and leading teams and making every mistake a senior leader could make, Paul Larsen learned from those failures and many successes, and created the “Find Your VOICE” leadership model.

Leaders with an authentic V-O-I-C-E provide a clear...