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The Dots is a series of intimate and honest conversations hosted by digital strategist, speaker and entrepreneur Kathleen Buczko. Kathleen interviews artists, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers who talk about how they connect the dots and bring things together for their communities, companies and themselves for a better life.

Nov 29, 2018

Change Strategist, Brand Storyteller, Speaker, Team Builder. Shannon Thompson is all of these and an inspiration to others, connecting causes, connecting hearts and connecting humanity.

Shannon Thompson is an experienced storyteller with a demonstrated history of working in marketing in the tech, political, financial,...

Nov 16, 2018

Thanksgiving Advice! We are rebroadcasting our 2017 Thanksgiving episode this week because it just makes us happy and we have not yet tried the oiled-paper-bag trick on our turkey. 

We have three guests this week: Chef Monica Lomenzo, Emily Buczko, and Executive Producer Cecilie Korst. We talk about the holiday and tell...

Nov 8, 2018

Shawn Anderson is a six-time motivational author, international keynote speaker and results-producing people-builder. His “Go The Extra Mile” philosophy and ability to produce winning results have been praised by political leaders, Olympic gold medalists and world record holders and not to mention media outlets...

Nov 1, 2018

Ruth Klein is one of the most creative Integrative Brand Strategists and Productivity Coaches for Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Authors and Professionals today. She is the president of the award-winning firm, Expert Celebrity™ Branding, a results-oriented performance strategic branding and marketing firm.