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The Dots is a series of intimate and honest conversations hosted by digital strategist, speaker and entrepreneur Kathleen Buczko. Kathleen interviews artists, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers who talk about how they connect the dots and bring things together for their communities, companies and themselves for a better life.

Oct 25, 2018

Lisa Hickey is an American author, advertising consultant, and social media consultant. "I like to create things that capture the imagination of the general public and become part of the popular culture for years to come." 

She is the CEO of Good Men Media, Inc. and the Publisher of Good Men Magazine as part of the Good...

Oct 18, 2018

Christine Upchurch is the Vibration of Change™ creator and coach, a workshop leader, writer, TEDx speaker, spiritual myth buster, healer, explorer of consciousness, and host of syndicated radio talk show in its sixth year. She has been a featured guest on radio shows across North America, and has taught thousands...

Oct 4, 2018

Grammy-nominated composer, arranger and producer Stephen Endelman has successfully demonstrated his ability to write music and collaborate in a variety of genres. Endelman talks about his childhood sexual abuse, being in a coma, “Pete the Cat,” and heavenly peace.

Grammy-nominated composer, arranger and producer...