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The Dots is a series of intimate and honest conversations hosted by digital strategist, speaker and entrepreneur Kathleen Buczko. Kathleen interviews artists, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers who talk about how they connect the dots and bring things together for their communities, companies and themselves for a better life.

Dec 12, 2017

Scott Wilhite is an award-winning commercial filmmaker, creator of the Feed Your Happy app, and founder of nCOURAGE.LIFE. He calls himself a ‘recovering grump-a-holic’. Having experienced a significant personal transformation, Scott now provides tools and training to help others systematically create healthy thought patterns, eliminating the dependency on outside events and circumstances to determine happiness.

Scott’s new book, The 7 Core Skills of Everyday Happiness: Scientifically Proven Skills for a Happier, More Meaningful Life garnered several #1 best seller spots in health and psychology the day of the official release on Amazon. The new book provides a non-medicated alternative to coping with stress, anxiety, fear, and overall discouragement. It is based off of the scientific research of positive psychology, which is a new branch of psychology led by top-tier universities like Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Pennsylvania.